Acts & Rules

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SL Date Description
1.13-03-2018Bihar Fish Seed Certification & Accreditation Act, 2018. - (Draft Edition)
2.23-02-2015Bihar Goshala Regulations, 1954 (Amendment).
3.28-04-2010Bihar Fish Jalkar Management (Amendment) Act, 2010.
4.26-11-2009Bihar Goshala Act, 1950 and Bihar Goshala Rules, 1953.
5.20-06-2008Fisheries Policy 2008 (Draft Version).
6.04-06-2008जिला पशु क्रुरता निवारण सोसाइटी की उपनियमावली.
7.04-06-2008जिला पशु क्रुरता निवारण सोसाइटी की नियमावली.
8.04-06-2008The Bihar Preservation and Improvement of Animals Rules, 1960.
9.04-06-2008The Bihar Preservation and Improvement of Animals Act, 1955.
10.18-06-2007Fisheries: Bihar Jalkar Management (Amendment) Act, 2007.
11.18-05-2007मत्स्य विभाग - बिहार जलकर प्रबंधन अधिनियम, 2007.
12.18-03-2006Fisheries: Bihar Fish Jalkar Management Bill, 2006.
13.08-03-2006मत्स्य विभाग - बिहार जलकर प्रबंधन विधेयक 2006.
14.09-06-1992Milk and Milk Product Order, 1992.
15. 28-03-1973Meat and Food Products Order, 1973.